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Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space Game
Created by Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds was released initially for Apple’s iOS in 2009. In one short year, Angry Birds received 42 Million paid and free downloads and prompted Rovio to create versions of the game for other smartphone operating systems, such as Android, Windows Phone and Symbian. More recently, Rovio ported the game over to different consoles and has created a version able to be played within your web browser. Currently, Angry Birds and all of it’s spin off games have received a total of over 1 Billion downloads across all platforms.
The game itself is quite a simple concept. Essentially, you have the ability to slingshot different types of cartoon birds across a playing field with the objective of destroying as many green pigs as the level requires. Each Level requires you to destroy a specific amount of pigs, and as you progress you unlock different types of birds to assist you in your pig-destroying journey. To make matters a bit more difficult, these green pigs are positioned on various objects such as between two concrete walls, within a pyramid of stacked wood, or on top of tree limbs.
There are 6 main types of birds you are able to use throughout the game. The first is the Red Bird. The Red Bird is the main bird you usually see plastered on the face of advertising for the game and has no special abilities in game. The Blue Bird, when tapped, splits into three smaller versions of itself. The Blue Bird is best used when having to break glass or sometimes when you need to hit two pigs at once. The Yellow Bird increases its speed in a straight line when you tap. Think of the Yellow Bird’s special ability like turning into a bullet. It is best used to break multiple layers of wood. The Black Bird explodes like a bomb when tapped and break open concrete or stone pillars. The Boomerang Bird does not necessarily have a strong point against any particular materials in the game like wood or glass, but when tapped, it comes back like a boomerang. It is great to use when there is a pig stuck inside the back part of a structure. Finally, the Big Brother Bird is a much larger version of the Red Bird. This one also has no special abilities when tapped however due to its large stature, it destroys materials much easier than other birds.
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