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Bloons Tower Defense 4

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Game
Bloons Tower Defense 4 is created by Kaiparasoft, a game developing company. They also created three previous versions of Bloons Tower Defense, as well as the newer version Bloons Tower Devense 5. They each have a similar, colorful theme. Everything appears very cartoon themed, almost sarcastically so, with cartoon character animals dressed in army gear. The game is available to play for free on a few different sites, but a good one is Ninja Kiwi, which can be found at ninjakiwi.com, a popular flash game hosting website.
When you first start up the game, it shows an animated opening video, which gives you the option to skip. Once you get past that, you get to the main menu screen. Here, you will see a few big, colorful buttons. You can choose either to start a new game, to resume a previous game (if you’ve previously saved), play BTD5; the newest version of Bloons Tower Defense, or you can click on Track Editor. Also, there’s the option of an updated expansion pack. This is an extra part of the game and isn’t necessary to use if you’re just starting out.
The main menu also gives you the option of downloading Bloons Tower Defense 5, for the iPhone, as a separate gaming application. There’s a few more advertisements below this, advertising high definition game play and a new tower to fight with, when downloaded on the iPad. Of course, there’s an Android application option, but it’s not as much advertised as the iPhone’s version.
Upon selecting a new game, you’re given the option of what track you would like to start out with. So far, there are three beginner levels, three intermediate levels, two advanced levels, and one expert level. Each track has its own set of challenges and its own worldly theme which are represented by a small square picture. For example, the three beginner tracks are represented by an intricate road, a pair of candy land styled lollipops, and a sky full of fireworks. There’s definitely a lot of diversity in design with the making of these separate levels.
On the same screen that the tracks are displayed, you also have the option of clicking other tabs, located at the top of the screen. There’s a tab for the specialized challenges, found within the previously mentioned levels of difficulty. There’s also a tab listing the premium tracks. There are eight currently available for this version of Bloons, ranging from beginner to expert level. The next track is titled Upgrades. This is where you can get upgraded versions of in-game weaponry. Such weaponry includes double boomerangs, frag bombs, exploding darts, crystal ball, dreadnaught, digital amplification, monkey tycoon (looks like the Monopoly guy), healthy bananas, double cash, and the option to buy Rank 31 or to buy everything listed, all at once.
Once you select your track, you must place your monkey soldiers around the different parts of the track. Once you’re done with this, you begin the first turn by clicking the bottom right, green button. Balloons will then filter in. It’s the carefully placed monkey’s job to then destroy the balloons before they reach the end of the track.

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