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Boombot game

Boombot Game
Boombot is an extremely addictive, unique physics style action game where you have to use bomb blasts to move Boombot to the exit gateway of each stage across 50 different puzzling stages.
At the beginning of each stage you, the player, are allotted 10 bombs to move Boombot through the stage. You must use precise angles to maneuver Boombot around the obstacles presented in each level. You use the mouse pointer to select the bomb location then press and hold the left mouse button to select the power of the blast. As the button is held down the bomb will first swell up large then shrink back down to a tiny size. Just as a large bomb will create a larger blast a smaller bomb will likewise create a smaller blast. Larger explosions will propel Boombot further and at a higher rate of speed where small explosions will move Boombot shorter distances and more slowly.
As you progress through the stages Boombot will encounter new and greater obstacles. The player will also encounter various environmental objects that can help and hinder Boombot’s progress.
TNT crates can be used to create a series of high power explosions when a bomb is ignited nearby. The high power explosions can send Boombot hurdling towards his goal, but if the player is careless they can also do quite the opposite.
Senso-Gel is a jar of purple fluid that can explode if it comes into contact with other explosions or and sudden jarring movement. This is another environmental item that can both help and hinder Boombot on his journey to the exit gateway. Senso-Gel can also be ignited to clear other obstacles from Boombot’s path.
Oil barrels are another environmental object that appears on some stages. Oil barrels can be used as a platform for Boombot but also catch fire when they are exposed to an explosion. Once an oil barrel ignites it is only a matter of time before it explodes! Oil barrels, unlike TNT or Senso-Gel, can be moved. You can propel Boombot to push oil barrels down hills and past obstacles. You can intentionally ignite oil barrels to set off chain reactions and clear obstacles in Boombot’s path or use them to propel Boombot around the stage. Be careful though, rolling oil barrels can also block the exit gateway.
Crates are an obstacle that will stand in Boombot’s path. Crates will not explode when a bomb is detonated near them, instead they just tumble around the screen. This can be a hindrance to Boombot’s path but also can be stacked to create platforms to launch Boombot from!
Bricks form solid walls to prevent Boombot from passing. Bricks can be disintegrated by explosions. Beware, once a brick is gone, it is gone for good.
Rubber bumpers can bounce Boombot and other environmental objects all over the place at rapid speeds.
All of this and so much more await Boombot in his epic adventure!
Need more Boombot!? You can also make your own Boombot levels with the built in Boombot stage editor.

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