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Cactus McCoy

cactus maccoy game

Cactus McCoy Game
Cactus McCoy is a western style, brawler game developed by Flipline Studios. If you are looking for a top notch brawler game then look no further than Cactus McCoy. For fans of truly fast-paced fighting game, you will love Cactus McCoy. With the amazing variety of enemies, weapons and levels, you will be entertained for days on end. This brawler takes browser games to the next level, complete with a great story that you get to witness comic book style in the beginning of the game. From the music to the style and design of the levels, everything is just right to create an amazing western theme as Cactus journeys to find the Thorned Emerald after being transformed into a Cactus by Hex Hatfield, the nemesis of the game.
What makes this game better than most is it’s RPG style added on top of the brawler type fighting. As you progress through the game and earn money you get to use that money to enhance the fighting abilities of your character in a variety of different categories. There are also different collectibles like secret treasures and there are many many badges that you can earn to collect more points as you complete different feats throughout the course of the game. This aspect of the game makes it highly addictive, and fun, as you will go back and play over and over in order to collect every badge you can. Last but not least, your high scores will always be recorded so the best of the best can be displayed on the high scores list. Are you good enough to make it up there?
The controls are simple but work great for the game and it’s fast-paced, action packed style of play. You move Cactus using the arrow keys. The “A” key is used to jump and the “S” key is used to attack. The default attack is punching, but your attacks will vary based on whatever weapon you are holding. Other controls include dropping down to a lower level by holding the “down” arrow key and then pressing the jump button, which is the “A” key. You can grab on to climbable objects and ropes simply by just jumping into them, and you can aim any weapon that shoots in a variety of different directions by holding the “up” arrow key or any combination of the arrow keys in a diagonal direction.
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