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Checkers Game

checkers game

Checkers Game
Checkers is a great two player game. It was formed around 3000 B.C. even though the board and pieces used were slightly different. It was still the same concept. There are several checker game options available to play for free online. Some may just be the regular checker, some have 3D effects, and some have different color checker boards and pieces. Some will even let you custom your own design on the pieces that you are playing with. The rules will all still apply to regular checkers regardless. It is a simple game to play, easy to learn how to play, and most of all fun!
Each player will be a different color of checkers, red or black. During ones turn the piece can only be moved forward and one space diagonally. The goal is to get out the opposite players checkers by jumping over them and get to their side of the board. This way you can be moved up to a king and be able to move your piece forward and backwards. Any time you are able to jump over your opponent you must do so no matter what. There may even be opportunities to where you can jump over more than one guy at a time as long as the empty spaces are available.
In order to play the game online all you need is the mouse. You can play against other individuals or against the computer. It all depends on the games program that you are playing on with what functions are available. If you really enjoy the game and would like to share it with your friends and loved ones, be sure to like our page and share the link. This way they can even play against you or enjoy the game in their free time.

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