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Dino Run Game

dino run game

Dino Run Game
Dino Run is a side scrolling platformer, presented in an 8-bit graphical style. The game is made by PixelJam Games,a very well known group of developers in the Flash game community. Originally, PixelJam was intended by its founders to be a sort of clearing house for old-school low resolution art of the style found in Dino Run, but it quickly became a game making studio that puts out a decent number of games similar in visual style to Dino Run on a regular basis. Some of the other titles PixelJam has released include Gamma Bros, Snowball, and Ratmaze, each of which was acclaimed in their own way among those in the flash game community.
Dino Run is a side scrolling platformer, which of course means a few basic things right off the bat. The point of the game is to move from left to right, towards the goal of eventually reaching your “sanctuary”. The main mode that the game defaults to automatically is called challenge mode, which consists of 7 levels, each harder than the last. After working your way through these challenge levels and collecting the bones found in them, you can unlock access to the speedrun mode. This mode allows you to challenge yourself to continuously improve your skills at playing the game by improving your times with every single speedrun. There are even a series of achievements that you can earn as you play to truly prove your skill at playing the game to other people.
Tips and Tricks
The most important decision you will make from second to second in Dino Run is whether you wan to jump or duck, and knowing which of these actions is appropriate at which time. Since speed is the most important factor in Dino Run, jumping over hills an dup to the top of ridges will usually be faster than just running along the top of them. In addition, jumping into the ceilings of most of the games cave will somehow make you go faster. (Don’t ask why it works, just go with it). In addition to jumping, you need to be ready to do the opposite, and be sure to duck when you want to fall faster.
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