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Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja game

Fruit Ninja Game
When video games were young there was no real way to win; they just got faster and harder until players finally succumbed and lost all their lives. While epic plots, great graphics and sweeping storylines have turned lots of games into heavy, violence-laden soap operas, there has been a push to see simpler, easier games on platforms like the iPhone or the iPad, as well as for free online. One of the popular games in this genre has been Fruit Ninja, a game as simple as it is fun. All the player has to do is slice the fruit as it’s tossed in the air, and to do it as creatively and quickly as possible.
How Does it Play?
Fruit Ninja, and all similar games, follow a pretty basic formula. The round starts, and fruit (or vegetables, or whatever) fly up from the bottom of the screen as if there’s someone tossing them up in the air. The player has to slice them using the movement of the mouse, clicking and swiping to cut the shapes into smaller pieces. Players can earn bonus points for catching multiple items on single sweeps, but generally the goal is to just slice and dice so that everything that comes up whole goes down in pieces.
The original Fruit Ninja was designed by an Australian based company, Halfbrick Studios. Since that cames release, mainly on the iPhone and for Android phones as well, there has been dozens if not hundreds of copycat games. Released in April 2010, Fruit Ninja has created an entire genre of casual games that has only grown. Available on dozens of devices, including on the Internet, it’s a casual game that can provide hours of mindless entertainment at a moment’s notice, and be put away at the drop of a hat without having to look for a save point.
Tips and Tricks
Fruit Ninja and games of its ilk are so simple and straightforward that there really isn’t a way to cheat at them. There are no build in codes or simple things that a player can type in to give them a bigger sword or slow down time, for instance. However, players that have touch pads and who aren’t afraid to get both hands in on the action can use one hand to click the mouse button and the other to swipe the fruit. Those with an iPad or a similar device can combine both movements into a single sweep, allowing them to drag steel through dozens of hapless foods, turning the whole engagement into a juice spattered slaughterhouse. Mostly though, getting good at games like Fruit Ninja takes quick reflexes, a sense of timing and pattern recognition so that players know where the next fruits are going to shoot up from.
About This Site
Fruit Ninja, as a download, often goes for pennies, or even a few dollars. However, if a player just wants to kill some time by chopping up tomatoes and slicing his or her way through most of a vegetable patch, they can do it right here for absolutely nothing. All they need is a solid Internet connection and some fast fingers to start hacking and slashing. And if players feel their experience here is a good one, they should spread the word around!

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