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G Switch Game
Sometimes the simplest games are the most enjoyable. We’ve played enough extra-jumbo lengthy epic adventures with fully customizable characters, long cut-scenes, and nearly an hour of orientation/introduction/tutorial before you can actually start playing.
With G Switch by Vasco F, you don’t have any of this. You just start running and don’t stop until you run out of surface.
The fast-paced action game is almost too basic but still has some qualities that make it downright addictive. Plus it’s free from Armor Games.
G Switch features a character moving horizontally through a series of platforms. In one-player mode, hitting the ‘X’ key or clicking the mouse inverses gravity, and all of a sudden your character is running on what used to be the ceiling. Which is handy since what used to be the floor has disappeared.
As you work your way from left to right, you’ll need to click like crazy because gaps keep appearing in the path in front of you, or sometimes it’s larger blocks that you need to jump over. Though the actual path never changes, it becomes vital to look ahead a few steps to anticipate if you need jump to switch your perspective if the path is going to end.
You’re not given any kind of back story (why are you running? Is someone chasing you?) or even a gender. Just the different contours of the scrolling platforms, a city skyline in the background, and a poorly rendered character.
Tips and Tricks
Players do receive a map of sorts – basically a horizontal line at the bottom of the screen that shows where you are along a path and how close or how far you are from the final finish point. The map does include seven save points, where if you do screw up and jump in the wrong spot, get behind a block and get stuck as the screen advances, or fall into space, you return to instead of starting at the beginning.
This is a refreshing feature since your average player may have the mental chops to learn the pattern of a particularly tricky section but may not want to try to navigate the whole game.
This map exists in the main story mode; if you pick “Endless” the map disappears and you can keep playing until you make a mistake.
One unique feature of the game that’s unique is its multiplayer capacity. It’s not multiplayer in the sense of that players on different computers can join in, but that you can have up to six pals crowded around your computer. Since there’s only one command for the player – “jump” each character can be assigned a different key.
The game becomes quite a challenge in multiplayer mode, since it’s tough enough to keep track of where your player is and where he/she/it needs to be, but at the same time you’re trying to keep track of your fellow players/opponents.
Vasco F is known for two other fun scrolling games – Freeway Fury 2 and Randobot.
Luckily, G Switch doesn’t seem to be terribly competitive since everyone runs at the same pace. What it offers is some good, low-intensity fun. It’s not what any serious gamer is used to but worth a try and checking out the site.

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