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Hanger 2 Game

hager 2 game

Hanger 2 Game
Hanger 2 is a game about a man on a rope. It sounds overly simplified, but the game itself is a pretty simple endeavor. You begin every level as a man hanging onto a rope. You push the left and right arrow keys to swing left and right, and you push the up and down keys to shimmy up or down the rope. Pushing the space bar makes you let go of the rope, and you press space again to sling a new rope like Spider-Man. With those basic controls you have to navigate all of the levels by swinging your way through them, letting go at just the right moment and throwing up a new rope in the nick of time. Otherwise you fall to your death, the screen goes black, and everything starts all over again. And even if you swing well, you have to watch yourself because if you crash into rocks you lose body parts, and you might end the level as nothing more than a flying torso.
Hanger 2 is a simple platform, even among flash games (which are known for being relatively simple endeavors, by and large). However, being simple doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging or occasionally scream worthy. After all, you’re swinging through a number of different parts of the level, and you can’t see where you’re going until you’re almost there. It is challenging, and it requires players to have fast reflexes and slow fuses in order to figure out what they need to do in order to progress from one level to the next. A working knowledge of physics and geometry is also a handy addition to a great set of game-honed timing.
If you want to play Hanger 2, or other great action flash games, there’s no reason to go to a website that will leave you hanging. And especially no reason to go somewhere that will cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why this site offers players access to Hanger 2, as well as to dozens of other free action flash games that will keep your fingers button mashing for that high score. Of course with some games, specifically Hanger 2, less is actually more when it comes to the end of the level.
When you go through a Hanger 2 level you’re trying to do it with as few ropes and as little damage to your person as you can manage. For every injury you take, and every time you slam into the rocks, points are deducted. For every rope you have to sling to get through the level, more points are deducted from your final score. However you can make those points back by carefully timing your swings so that you get all of the bonus stars you cross throughout the game. Those add onto your score, and once you fly over that glowing light coming down out of the clouds you get all of your points tallied and you can move up a level.

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