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Happy Wheels

happy wheels game

Happy Wheels Game
Happy Wheels is a game that gives players the chance to ride in either a wheelchair, bike or two-wheeler to get to the exit at the end of the level. Happy Wheels using a realistic physics-based engine that can accurately give players a sense of feel of launching through the air or going off of jumps. The player can also sustain deadly injuries that are animated in bloody, gruesome horror.
Learning how to play Happy Wheels
The player may use the up, down, left and right keys to control the action on screen. The left and right keys move the player either left or right while the Space bar allows the player to perform the primary action. The player may use their secondary actions by pressing the Shift and Control keys together. If the player presses the Z key, they will eject. When the player reaches the main game screen, they will be presented with the main menu where they may choose from the “Play Demo” option to play the game or they may also click on the other available options. There is a Level Editor feature also located on the main menu that players may try their hand at.
When the player begins the game, they will be prompted to choose which level they would like to play. There are many user created levels as well as pre-created levels the player may choose from on the left side of the screen under the “Featured Games” section. When cursored over a game, the game description will also be detailed on the right side of the screen. When the player is ready to play, the can press the “Play Now!?” button. The last thing the player will need to do is to choose a starting character. The player may press the up directional key to start moving their character. When they’re moving, they’ll encounter hills that they’ll need to continue moving up. If the player lands the wrong way or in an awkward position, they can break off limbs or crush their head and blood will spew.
Secret Happy Wheels Tips
The player may move their character around by pressing the directional keys when ejecting from their wheelchair, bike or 2-wheeler. The player may click on the “Menu” button located in the lower left-hand corner at anytime to bring up the pause menu. Once they’ve brought up the pause menu, the player may choose from restarting the level, changing their character, choosing the level, viewing a replay or quiting the game. Players can take advantage of the replay option to see how they can improve their gaming skills to make it through points in the level they might get stuck at. The player can also press the Space bar and hold it down to give themselves a boost but they must be careful not too get off balance when launching off of hills.
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