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Hex Empire

hex empire game

Hex Empire Game
Hex Empire allows players to build their countries, face down opponents and, through luck, skill and force of arms, eventually take over the known world. Similar to the board game Risk in concept, players begin with a single capital city and have to claim as much territory as they can before they come into contact with the other countries on the board. A game for the strategist, Hex Empire provides hours of entertainment.
How To Play
Hex Empire is fairly simple in concept, but it can take some getting used to for new players. For instance, once players log in they are presented with a map. They then have to choose their capital city. Once a player has chosen his or her city the others are assigned to random computerized players, and the turns begin. Every turn players can move out to conquer new territory, create new units and move their forces around on the map. When forces come into conflict the computer decides the winner, and the results are tallied. The player who conquers the map is the ultimate winner. However, that can take a great deal more luck and skill than it might seem at first.
Tips and Tricks
When it comes to winning Hex Empire players need to have both a copy of the Art of War as well as a basic guide to number crunching on hand. The reason is that this game is one part math and one part strategy, and both of them have to come together in order to win the field and carry the day.
Every unit that players control has two numbers; the morale and the number of men. If one unit gets into combat with another, and both of those numbers are higher on the one unit then it will automatically emerge as the victor. So the primary goal is to always make sure that one unit overmatches the other in both areas if possible, or if it isn’t possible then it has to be as close as possible in order to win.
Once players have a sense of when a unit will and won’t be victorious, it’s time to start planning routes for military success. For instance, the more area a player controls the more units and resources he or she can produce. On the other hand, if a players spreads forces too thin on the ground, then it becomes very easy to assault those players and break through their lines. So the goal is to create front lines that can be reinforced and defended, but which can also be pushed outward quickly to take more land when the opportunity presents itself.
What’s The Catch?
There are some websites out there that try to charge players for enjoying a game of Hex Empire. While they might not charge for this game specifically, they do expect players to hand over a fee in order to access the arcade and game library. That fee could be monetary, or it could be handing over persona information to create an account. Here at our website though, our only concern is matching players with the games they love. So whether players want to take over the world in Hex Empire, or try out a completely different game, we’re here to provide that entertainment service.

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