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Hidden Object Games

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Hidden Object Game
Hidden Object Games are a fun way to pass the time and test your sharpness. They’re often very cheap or free on the internet. They involve finding small objects that are hard to see in a larger image. These pictures may be beautiful photographs or interesting drawings. Guessing is allowed, but too many random clicks might ruin your score! The point of the game is to actually find the objects by hunting for them.
Usually a Hidden Object Game won’t require anything except your computer, a mouse and a good set of eyes. The game is often entirely based on clicking objects, so you don’t really need your keyboard or anything else.
Objects and Clues
Hidden object games give you a list of objects to find. Sometimes it is one clue and you have to find a very specific place in the image before proceeding to the next object. Other times you have to find multiples of the same object, all hidden. Pay close attention to the picture as well. Often there will be several “decoy” objects in the image to distract the eye and draw attention. Try to make sure it’s the right one if there’s several similar objects nearby!
The Goal: Scoring Points
Points are rewarded for identifying an object in the image correctly. Some games award more points when you find all the objects in a category. Other games score the player primarily based on time, and might have objects that are easy to find, but require them to be located quickly. Find out what your score is after your first try, and try to improve it with another play!
Obstacles: Penalties and Limits
It may seem like staring at a Hidden Object Game until you find everything is easy. But just because it’s a game doesn’t mean it is all roses. Like most games it has rules. Usually points are subtracted when you guess incorrectly. Some games also come with a time limit. You can’t truly “lose” a hidden object game, but you can wind up not completing one in a single play.
A lot of fun is seeing how well you can do on the first try, as a test of your how quickly and cleverly you can find the objects. But with more than one playthrough, it becomes a memory game as well. See if you can improve on your last try!
Tips & Tricks
If the game wants you to find more than one object at the same time, familiarize yourself with all the clues so you don’t miss them. Looking around for just one object might mean your eyes cross over the same one several times! Other games use distractions. Be sure to make out whatever identifying features are in the object clue. Sometimes it may be as subtle as a ball having a small bump on it to distinguish it from other balls in the picture. Finally, if you’re experiencing frustration, just blink a few times and look away for a moment. It sometimes helps to view the image with a fresh perspective.
Fun with Hidden Objects
A good way to spice things up a little in a game is to compare your score with your friends. See who can do the best on the first try! Of course, looking at the images is a reward in itself. Try to relax, especially if the game isn’t timed.
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