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Papa’s Pizzeria


Papa’s Pizzeria Game
Papa’s Pizzeria is one of the most widely known pizza oriented games available to play online for free. In terms of category, the game would probably fall under business and time management but the instructions for this game is so simple and clear that it can be played by kids and adults alike. The main goal of the game is to basically run a pizzeria as fast and as efficiently as possible by going the processes of taking orders from customers and creating a unique pizza for each customer according to their specifications.
The story of the game is basically a delivery boy, Roy, for Papa’s Pizza arrives one day to the shop to find Papa Louie gone! A note left on the table says that Roy will have to handle all the business at the pizzeria by himself. This is shown as a brief video before the game starts. The player’s job is to make Roy run the pizzeria to the best of their ability and draw in as many loyal customers as possible.
Even though the end goal being making and selling pizzas seems relatively easy and simple, the processes that lead to achieving that end goal is what makes this game so popular and successful. There are essentially 5 steps that need to be completed in order to create and sell each pizza.
Firstly, the order must be taken from the customer and written on a piece of paper in the game. This is automatic so there need be no fear in writing the order down wrong.
Secondly, the player must go to the Topping Station where they would have to put down different toppings based on the customer’s order. After the toppings are done, the pizza must be sent into the oven.

Thirdly, in the Baking Station, the pizza must be placed on the oven for the amount of time specified by the customer. After the pizza is baked, slide it to the left to the Cutting Station.
Fourthly, the pizza must cut according to how the customer likes it whether it may be quarters or in halves.
Lastly, the pizza is shown to the customer and he/she will rate it according to how accurately it was done to their specifications. A maximum of 100% can be received for all parts including waiting, topping, baking, and cutting. Based on the rating, the customer will give tips of money accordingly.
Tips and Tricks
There really is not tricks that can be used in a game like this but there can are some tips that can you get better scores or ratings. The first tip would be to pay extremely close attention to the customer’s order and especially where they would like their toppings to go on their pizza. Another tip would be to take more than 1 order when your previous order is waiting in the oven, so basically multitasking.
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