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Raze 3

Raze 3 game

Raze 3 Game
Raze 3 is a game developed by Addisonr and released in 2011. The game features a scrolling, platforming type of shooter with a distinct arcade feel. It is keyboard and mouse controlled. If you’ve played Unreal Tournament, you’ll feel a lot of similarities here. There are two plot-driven campaigns, each centered around a different in-game faction (one is humans and the other is aliens). The human campaign is meant to be the easier of the two, giving separate levels of difficulty to each campaign. There are also several different general match types, including Deathmatch, Elimination, Capture the Flag, Domination and Juggernaught.
During the campaign, the game is simply a sidescrolling shooter. You use the arrow keys (alternatively the WASD keys) to move, crouch and duck, and you use the mouse to point and click to shoot. As you play you gain points with which you can purchase new weapons and abilities for future levels or quick matches.
The quick matches are perhaps the most addictive part of Raze 3, and they’ll what’ll bring you back again and again. Deathmatch is a traditional kill-to-score type of game. You can play on teams or alone, and whoever reaches the set amount of points first wins.
Elimination is sort of like Deathmatch, but emphasizes survival instead of killing; each player starts with a set amount of lives. When all lives are lost, you no longer respawn. The last player standing wins.
Capture the Flag is very traditional. You have a flag, and your enemies have a flag. Take theirs and bring it to your home base to score, and stop them from taking yours and scoring with it.
Domination is area-based. There are several areas on the level which are marked by flags. Your goal is to hold the area down to score points. For every three seconds the point is held, your team will score one point until one team scores the maximum number of points for that match.
Juggernaut will be familiar for those of you that are well-experienced when it comes to playing shooters of any kind. One player is the juggernaut and receives bonuses to their damage and health statistics. The only way to score points is by becoming the juggernaut and killing enemies; you become the juggernaut only by killing the current one.
During games, you can switch buttons by pressing the assigned weapon button (one to seven on your keyboard). These aren’t weapon slots for individual weapons; they’re for different types of weapons, instead. For example, your default weapon, a pistol, is in the first slot, but you can purchase other pistol-type weapons to put in that slot with credits earned by playing. Sniper rifle type weapons are in slot five, etc.
Tips And Tricks
Moving your cursor all the way to one side of the game or the other will allow you to see further in that direction. It’s very useful when you’re trying to stay in place and/or ambush enemies.
You can win more credits by playing on a higher difficulty setting.
Try to time your powerup grabs at crucial times; nothing is worse than being invincible but having nobody around to kill!
The in-game tutorial is a must.
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