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Run 3 Unblocked

run 3 game

Run 3 Unblocked Game
If you have played Run 2 and loved the game, there is a strong reason for you to be excited with the modified online version of the game, Run 3. Cool Math game Run 3 comes with better features than its previous version and characters. Play Run 3 and get to know how amazingly cool the updated version of the game is.
Choose the characters and allow them to run through the alienated tunnels. Running is not only what they are capable of, they can skate, bounce, jump over the walls and float on the sky. Choose from wide range of skaters that have different features.
Choose from wide number of characters to play the game fruitfully, the gentleman is able to move side to side while being pulled up by a power cell and has maximum speed. Be the child who can jump from one tile to other and is able to dislodge the crumbling ones. Choose to play with the Pastafarian, who is widely supported by the bridge and as the bridge disappears, it can 45 seconds to re-appear. Run 3 has pool of character options from being student, angel and many more.
The best part of the game is user creation and updates. Being a game fanatic you have the chance to create content. Most of the content in the game are created by users and players, thus anything from adding characters to levels, you have the liberty to do so. There are various levels which are added by people and you have the chance to experience them. Choose levels like challenging 10 or cake or no cake, upscale your performance.
The game is loved and followed by many people across the world, be one of them. You can also easily download the game on your iPhone as it is currently only compatible with Mac store.

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