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Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire play

Spider Solitaire Game
Originally spider solitaire was a card game. Now solitarie is a mobile game that can be played on an iPhone, iPad, androit or computer. The Solitaire Game begins by clicking on the icon. Often the icon is a picture of a game of solitaire with the name “Solitaire” below the picture. If you are playing on a computer, you will move the mouse over to the icon, and then you will click on the icon. If you are playing on an android, iPhone, or iPad, you use your finger. Your finger should tap the icon of a solitaire game. Then the game will appear.
Solitaire is a single card player game. You play solitaire by yourself. The game consists of the tradition set of playing card. The cards are organized by suite. The goal of the game is to organize the cards by suite in sequential order. There are four squares above the playing area of the screen. It is in these four squares that all cards will be placed in order, if you win that game. If you have no more moves, then you lose the game. You will not have accomplished the goal, and you will have cards in the spaced below the four spaces.
Below the four squares on the top of the screen, there are seven original card spaces. The game begins with cards face upward, and cards faced downward. You are able to see the cards faced upward. As you move cards off each of the seven spaces, the card from one of the seven spaced turn from downward to upward. You are now able to see a card that was facing downward. You can use the new upward facing card. A good strategy for winning is to try to uncover as many cards as possible.

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