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Stick War 2

stick war 2 game

Stick war 2 Game
Stick war 2 is a real time strategy game using none other than stick figures to portray the action that occurs in game. The game takes place in the fictional land of Inamorta where several nations battle for supremacy. The purpose of the game is to destroy and topple the opposing teams statue, thus assuring you victory for that round. The game plays almost the same as stick wars, the previous installment of this series. This game introduces a multiplayer aspect to it whereby you may play other people or friend. This game is a part of the Stick Empire installment.
In the game you may choose one of two “races” the order or the chaos. Each race has it’s own class of warriors and special abilities that allow you to more readily destroy your opponent’s statue. Using your mouse, you may select a group or a single warrior and command them to attack, retreat, defend, or hold. In addition, you have buildings within your castle to upgrade. This feature advances those special abilities held by a specific class, or gives you further benefits such as increased income, mana, or defense.
You earn money by sending miners to mine for gold and mana is earned by having miners pray to your statue. In order to summon certain units, you must meet the requirement for money and for mana. If you mouse over a unit or a specific ability, it’s cost will be displayed to you and you may use it with a simple click. In the castle there are 4 buildings to upgrade. Basically one is for your melee units, one for you ranged units, one for the magical units one specific for the castle and miners, one solely dedicated to the giants and lastly one dedicated to the clerics.
The game does not cost you a dime to play, all you do is sign up and you may start to play right away. All games will be against a live player and these matches are ranked. Thus if you do lose, then that will affect your overall ranking. Every victory will earn you coins to use in the armory so that you may upgrade your units and use them more effectively in battle. The armory consists of both weapons and armor for most units. Even the miners get to have a good item to use every once in a while. If you do want more coins then you have the option through the armory to purchase more coins.
The game is hosted on [site] merely open up the website and register so that you may begin to enjoy the game. If you do remember that you may invite your friends to join you so that you may test your skills in battle against them. To read more information on the game itself including controls and in game play, go to the [site] website and look under the game guide. Remember the fate of Inamorta is in your hands.

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