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Super Mario Run

super mario run game

Super Mario Run Game
The Super Mario Run Game also known as Super Mario Run Flash is a modified version of Super Mario Bros that is played online. Super Mario Run Flash combines elements from the old Super Mario Bros game and also fuses exclusive Super Mario Flash items and abilities into the gameplay.
How to play Super Mario Run
The Super Mario Run world is reminiscent of the Super Mario Bros. 3 world and the player will encounter similar visuals, enemies and items throughout. In Super Mario Flash, people can play as either Mario or Luigi and may perform traditional moves including throwing fireballs. The player may use the arrow keys to move either Mario or Luigi in the corresponding direction. The up key makes the player jump and the player may duck by pressing the down key.
There are also other gameplay elements that make Super Mario Flash a unique experience. There is a level editor included that gives players the chance to create their very own unique Super Mario Flash maps that they may then play afterwards. The player may cursor to the Level Editor option on the main screen if they wish to try the editor out. When the player clicks on the Level Editor option, they will be prompted to select which player they wold prefer to play the level with; either Mario or Luigi may be selected. Afterwards, the player will then be allowed to edit, delete or load the background of the game screen for three levels. The background screens for the three levels include choices of Land which consists of cloudy skies, a dark Cave, a green Forest, a grim Castle wall or a magical Snow background.
Next, the Build option may be clicked to begin building the Super Mario Flash level. To show the Editor Level menu, the player may press the up directional key and to hide the menu, they may press the down key. The player is allowed to select a game object or item to place on the map with their mouse and may move the object once placed with the left and right directional keys on their keyboard.
The player may then save their level creation by clicking on the Code option in the Level Editor screen. Next, they may to choose the Copy to Clipboard option. This will copy the code into a temporary file so that it may be copied. The player may then copy the temporary Clipboard code into a Notepad text file and save. The level can be loaded by selecting the Load option in the Level Editor screen and choosing the saved Notepad file.
Super Mario Run Flash Secrets
The player may have up to three saved levels at a time to choose from in the Level Editor screen. Another trick is the player may press the Space Bar to throw fireballs at their enemies.
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