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Tetris Game

tetris game

Tetris Game
The classic game of Tetris has been around since 1984. Tetris was designed in the Soviet Union by game maker Alexey Pajitnov. Tetris is a puzzle based game in which the player’s objective is to match up all of the tiles correctly. Because of it’s popularity, Tetris can be played on almost every gaming console and computer. It can even be played on calculators, MP3 players, etc. Many Tetris fans would like to play the game without the hassle of purchasing a console or downloading it to their computers. There are many websites that offer players the opportunity to play Tetris straight from their web browser. FreeTetris.org is one of the most popular websites for this. Players can go straight to the website and start playing without any long sign up or downloade process.
There is a distinct color for each Tetris block. The blocks are either green brackets, monochrome, or grayscale graphics. In terms of scoring, the more difficult the line colors the more points that will be awarded with placement of the block. Points can also be awarded depending on how high your piece is before the player locks it into place. The higher the piece is when locked, the more points that will be awarded. There are many different methods and algorithms that players use in order to rack up the points of their game.

Tips and Tricks
There are many tips and tricks that can easily advance players in their Tetris game.
Tip One
One basic tip is to place the Tetris blocks horizontally. After multiple blocks are place horizontally it will create columns. It is important to focus on trying to keep the wall as short as possible.
Tip Two
The preview window is your friend. Make sure that you are watching the preview window in order to make the smartest choices for your game. The game will become easier and easier as you get better at predicting the game. It will help you with the placement of the piece that you are currently placing if you know where the future piece is going to be placed.

Tip Three
As you become more advanced in your gameplay, your game strategy will most likely have to change. It is important to either discover your own ways to get through the higher levels or look up different solutions from experts online. Being creative is the most important factor when trying to find new strategies with the game of Tetris.
Tip Four
If you happen to get a hole in the wall, it can be fixed by sliding the piece that is next to it into the hole. In order to slide the block just press and hold it and then the piece will fill the hole.

About this Website
FreeTetris.org will offer players the chance to play Tetris without any extra hassle. The interface is very user friendly, and the graphics are high quality Tetris graphics.
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