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The Worlds Hardest Game

the worlds hardest game

The Worlds Hardest Game
The World’s Hardest Game is, as you would expect, a challenging affair. The objective is to go through a series of levels, getting your red block from the starting point to the goal. All the while there are these blueish purple balls moving around the stage, and touching them results in a loss. These levels, however, are filled with them moving around, making getting from start to finish a real challenge. Some levels also have the additional objective of collecting all the yellow balls before you can beat them.
The controls are simple: the directional keys move around the block. This game is all about reaction speed within such limited controls.
There are a few things to keep in mind when playing this. First, do not let the negative messages, such as “Just Give Up,” mess with your head in any way.
Secondly, keep your cool. This game is not called the hardest game without reason. We could argue about whether it is the actual hardest in the world, but none can deny that it is a real challenge. Keep your wits about you, and you just might beat it.
Thirdly, take your time to understand the pattern. Every level has a pattern to it, and making sure you understand as much of this pattern as you can before you move out of your safe starting spot. Moving immediately will usually only result in panic and failure.
Finally, once you understand the pattern plan your movements. This can be especially important on levels where there are yellow balls scattered across the whole level. Being caught in the middle without an idea of how to get where you are going.
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