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Vex 2

Vex 2 game

Vex 2 Game
Vex 2 is a follow up game of the previous Vex that was met with quite high ratings from critics, apart from the original Vex, Vex 2 is packed with new features that make this game even more interesting and challenging to play, you have to use your mind to the fullest to achieve the goals that are set in this game.
Even though Vex 2 is not a revolutionary release in the gaming industry and represents the popular generation of 2D games, it has some features in it that you have never seen before in any other mini game, the hero in Vex 2 not only surpasses barriers by jumping and crouching, but he also has to go through water terrains and that means that developers added new mechanisms of control in the game, because apart from land your character behaves differently in the water, you must adapt to this feature in order to complete the levels that are waiting to be taken.
Vex 2 is not only upgraded with new and interesting terrains, but also it has gravitational changes added to it, the player must control gravity in order to be able to pass the levels that would be impossible without it.
How To Play
Vex 2 is not radically different in control mechanisms when compared to its predecessor, the original Vex, you still have pretty easy control mechanisms, but the difference is that you must apply them in different situations, by controlling the gravity that helps you jump higher or puts you to the ground pretty fast you must think of ways to use this feature to your benefit. Vex 2 offers players simplicity in its design and play style, but puts their ability to get out of hard situations to the test.

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