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Vex 3

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Vex 3 Game
This game is insanely hard and also rewarding to the players, The antagonist has to get over lots of barriers before he reaches desired goals . The game is interestingly expressive when concerning death and injuries of the main character, this quality gives Vex 3 a whole new feel to it, The feel that has been present since the first appearance of this game.
A sign that separates Yepi games from many other. When other developers fail to make a world that is constantly changing and developing, Yepi team managed to create a world where a player won’t have to experience such inconvenience, it is surprisingly unique and interesting to witness. Music plays a big part in the popularity of the game, the soundtracks to your adventures are filled with thrill and energy that makes the game radiate it’s amazing feel around it.
How to play
Playing Vex 3 is pretty simple, it is the complexity of barriers that makes the game enticing, not the difficulty of control mechanisms instead. One plays Vex 3 with direction cursors in which forward cursor makes the all important jump, that help the antagonist reach desired places, the down button stands for crouching in tight situations and respectively left and right cursors stand for directions. Patience is a key in Vex 3.
You must wait until the exact moment to surpass the barriers that will otherwise shred you apart, also be accurate with where you land on your jumps is it a safe space or a tragic landing. Overall the nice control system and good developing make up to a game that is outstanding in its genre and deserves to be played frequently.

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