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vex game

Vex Game
Welcome to the world of Vex, a 2D world that creates an enticing atmosphere that was made to not leave you uninterested even for a moment, come take your chance to be the one who can overcome all the obstacles on the way to victory, but remember that it won’t be as easy as you see in other games, Vex’s game play is based heavily on timing and rhythm of your play.
You have to be able to adapt to extreme conditions and think of original ways to come out of hard situations, you’ll need all the concentration you can get to overcome the barriers that stand between you and the finish line. Developers of Vex tried their best to create a game that challenges every player to test their skills and reactions, if the saying that gaming improves your reaction is true, then Vex can be considered as a gym where you can train your ability to come out of dangerous situations safe and sound.
How To Play
Vex is described as a simple but at the same time complex game to play, but that we mean that nevertheless the fact that you need only 4 buttons to fully control your hero, actual success of your play depends on how and when you use those control mechanisms.
If you jump instead of crouching you will most certainly die and would have to start over again from the last check point, so remember that Vex is not an overloaded game regarding its control mechanisms but it most certainly needs some brains and reaction to be played properly and not be overly irritating, it’s all fun and games when you can synchronize yourself with the control mechanisms of Vex, then you’ll find out the real joy that is hidden behind it.

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